Seniors/Older Adult Services - Greeley, Colorado

Seniors and older Americans are prone to, and perhaps even predisposed, to drug addiction just like any other person. Truthfully, seniors and older Americans often already take prescription medications which can also be abused. When mixed with illicit drugs and alcohol, seniors and older adult persons are at risk of significant health consequences including death. The social stereotypes associated with addiction may keep some seniors and older adults away from the drug rehabilitation programs in Greeley they desperately need. For this reason, there are drug and alcohol treatment facilities that specifically help this age group of person. These alcohol and drug treatment programs in Greeley know that there are certain circumstances which are exclusive to the aging addict, and how to treat drug or alcohol addiction among this group of treatment client. Simply because seniors and older adult persons are more prone to illness and accidents, it is vital that they seek rehabilitation prior to any illness or accident comes to fruition because of their drug addiction which can cause long term if not fatal injury.

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