Income Based Payment (Sliding Scale) - Brighton, CO.

Every single man and woman who wants alcohol and drug treatment in Brighton, Colorado should be able to have access to this powerful help so that they can resolve addiction for good. Sadly, many addicted individuals shy away from obtaining help simply because they are under the impression that they simply cannot afford it. This is in fact often the situation, although many alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Brighton, Colorado offer what is referred to as a sliding fee scale which can be used to enable particular individuals get the assistance they need. Sliding fee scales are worked out on an one-on-one basis based off of the person's circumstances such as monies on hand, living arrangement, the size of their family etc. It is very common for people in Brighton, Colorado to be included in particular categories which might qualify them for this sort of payment arrangement and it has assisted many people so they are able to pay for treatment. Individuals can determine if they may be eligible for a sliding fee scale by consulting with a rehabilitation specialist today.

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