Glenwood Springs, Colorado - Medicaid Coverage

Certain individuals in Glenwood Springs, CO. are covered by a form of health insurance coverage referred to as Medicaid. This type of health insurance is available to men and women who are categorized as unable to cover the costs of their own health coverage, and other eligibility requirements for the Medicaid program include other factors such as number of children in their care and other income sources such as child support. If a person that is is abusing drugs and/or alcohol is approved to receive Medicaid certain drug rehabilitation programs may be covered as part of this form of insurance. Several alcohol and/or drug rehabilitation facilities in the Glenwood Springs, CO. area deliver services through Medicaid, and individuals may speak with drug and alcohol treatment programs in their area or consult with their primary care doctor to discover which drug treatment programs they are covered for.

"Medicaid Coverage" treatment listings in Glenwood Springs, Colorado: