Residential Drug Rehab in Fort Collins

Residential drug rehab facilities in Fort Collins are programs created toprovide treatment in a structured setting where thepatient lives at the facility and is a resident of the program. Residential rehabilitation centers in Fort Collins vary in lengths of time. Some take30 days to complete, while others require a stay for 2 - 3 months to a year. The time spent in a residential treatment center varies depending on the facility, the individual person, and the severity of their addiction problem.

Making use of a group setting, residential drug rehabilitation programs in Fort Collins help their clients re-establish healthy functioning with their peer group, families and communities. Additionally they help clients to adapt to social settings that they may encounter when they return to the "real world" as sober individuals. The advantage of going to a residential drug treatment program in Fort Collins vs. an outpatient program is that the client lives in a structured, supportive setting where their needs are met day and night. Outpatient programs, by their very nature, require the client to implement their own self-discipline. They attend meetings and/or treatment sessions regularly, but the rest of the time are left to their own decisions and self-discipline in the early stages of recovery when the person is most vulnerable to relapse.

While attending a Fort Collins drug treatment center the recovering addict lives with other individuals who are going through the same process. In the outside world, many people are likely to have a wide variety of negative or inappropriate reactions to a person in recovery. However, within residential rehab every person is in the same boat. The fellowship that evolves inside a residential rehab center helps individuals open up and begin to really handle their substance abuse issues.

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