Pueblo, Colorado - Seniors/Older Adult Services

Seniors and older adult persons can be prone to, and perhaps even predisposed, to addiction just like any other individual. In fact, seniors and older adults are already typically on prescription medications which can also be abused. When mixed with illicit drugs and alcohol, seniors and older adult persons are at a higher risk of severe health consequences and even death. The social stigmas associated with drug or alcohol addiction may keep certain seniors and older adults away from the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Pueblo that will be able to help them. Due to this, there are drug and alcohol rehab centers that specialize in this age group of the population. These drug rehab centers in Pueblo understand the situations which are exclusive to this age group, and how to deal with alcohol and drug abuse among these clients. Due to the fact seniors and older adult persons are significantly prone to disease and accidents, it is crucial that they seek treatment before any illness or accident comes to fruition because of their addiction which can lead to long term if not fatal injury.

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