Cocaine Addiction in Colorado

The cocaine addiction problem in Colorado is real. According to numerous studies on cocaine prevalence in the US, Colorado is leading the pack with the highest cocaine use per person at 4% for individuals aged 12 and above. This can be attributed to the fact that over 50% of Colorado's population is between ages 18 and 25.

It is important to note that authorities in Colorado are doing everything they can to deal with the cocaine menace. The state has seized hundreds of kilograms of cocaine in the past few years in an effort to eradicate cocaine use. The cocaine bursts are however insignificant compared to the amount of cocaine reaching end users. The state has other measures in place such as establishing more drug courts to deal with drug related crimes more effectively. There are currently over 15 fully functional drug courts in Colorado.

Cocaine addiction has caused many deaths in Colorado. It is estimated that over 350 people die every year as a result of cocaine addiction. This simply means that approximately one person dies every day in Colorado because of cocaine addiction. Also, approximately 5,000 Colorado residents visit the Emergency Room (ER) every year because of cocaine related problems. These are alarming statistics.

Colorado Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem in Colorado because the drug is easily accessible in all large cities in Colorado. Most of the Cocaine present in Colorado comes from the East coast which is nearby. Drug traffickers use Colorado as a cocaine trans-shipment state. The high Cocaine addiction rates in Colorado can therefore be attributed to easy access.

According to recent statistical studies on cocaine addiction in Colorado, over 300,000 residents in Colorado record illegal cocaine dependence or abuse problems every year. These figure rises every year by 15 to 30%. The number of cocaine addicts between ages 12 and 17 has also increased. Also, over 10,000 children in Colorado have admitted abusing cocaine one or more times in their lifetime.

Cocaine Addiction signs

Because of the high cocaine use and addiction prevalence among minors in Colorado, it is important for parents to keep their children cocaine free. This includes being able to tell when children are abusing cocaine. There are a number of signs to look out for in cocaine addicts. The most common is appearance. Cocaine addiction tends to change or destroy the way a person appears. For instance, most cocaine addicts develop acne. They also have a constant running nose that isn't flu related. Parents should also look out for sniffing behavior.

Cocaine addicts also adopt poor eating habits resulting in rapid weight loss. Their hygiene also degrades. Also, cocaine addicts usually have cash problems. Because cocaine is an expensive drug, cocaine addicts rarely have money. Parents should also look out for paraphernalia such as straws, needles, baggies having a white residue, needles, belts, cards, folded notes and razors. The above signs are very important especially if you live in Colorado and you have children between ages 12 and 25. Being aware of these signs can go a long way in identifying a cocaine addiction problem early.