Types of Colorado Drug Rehab Centers

According to a survey, Colorado ranks eighth in the nation

in per capita methamphetamine use. Not just that, the use of other addictive drugs, prescription medicines and alcohol is rising in the state, which has led to increase in drug-induced deaths in Colorado. Juvenile delinquency and drug abuse among teens and adolescents have emerged as a major problem all across Colorado.

Are you looking for a Colorado drug rehab center for yourself or your loved one? There are several factors that you need to consider while choosing a drug rehab center. This includes price, location and quality of treatment. The most important factor in deciding the right facility is to gauge how dependent the addict is to their substance of choice. Whether you are looking for a luxury, private or some other type of treatment center, we can provide you a list of different types of drug rehab centers in Colorado.

Residential addiction center-

Residential rehab centers are the most preferred choice as it involves higher level of care and monitoring of the patient as he or she stays in the facility around the clock. The individual is treated away from his day-to-day stressful environment in a secure, safe and calm surrounding. Residential programs help the individual focus on their recovery. The addict is supervised during detoxification process by a team of expert medical professionals. Basically, residential rehab centers are best choice in severe cases and in cases where the individual is experiencing recovery challenges.

Outpatient rehab centers-

For addicts, who have not been treated before, or those with relatively mild addictions, outpatient rehabilitation center is a good choice. Those having good family support can also opt for outpatient rehab treatment. Here, the treatment is similar to residential rehab and includes therapy or counseling sessions, but the individual goes home at the end of each day. Here, the individual can continue with their normal life activities along with the therapy.

Holistic rehab centers-

As the name implies, holistic rehab centers involves enrichment of mind, body and spirit. This type of rehab centers deal with restoring the mind, body and soul of an addict. The focus is to identify the triggering causes that led to drug addiction. Different activities that strengthen the mind and soul are part of the treatment program. This includes yoga, meditation and other traditional Eastern techniques. The end goal is to strengthen the addict from inside as well as outside.

In-patient rehab center-

In an in-patient rehab facility, the individual stays in the facility and concentrates fully on getting clean. He is away from his daily distractions and routines, and his focus is to relax and concentrate on his needs. Therapy, support and education are the part of Inpatient rehab treatment program.

Gender specific treatment center-

One can find several gender specific rehab centers for men and women. This type of rehab centers help the individual heal, gain strength and rebuild his/her life. It focuses on specific needs of men and women.

Even for teens and adolescents, there are different rehab centers. Adolescence combined with drug abuse is a nasty thing and requires special attention and specific treatment. Teen rehab center focuses on all aspects of teen behavioral issue.