Medicare Coverage - CO.

Through the use of Medicare, senior adults in Colorado who are struggling with addiction can take advantage of many alcohol and drug rehab facilities which are available through their insurance. A lot of outpatient facilities around the CO. area are covered through Medicare, although senior adults may find that Medicare covers any hospital stays necessary during drug rehab such as with an inpatient or residential facility. Medicare provides coverage for a wide spectrum of services for alcohol and drug rehab in Colorado such as counseling, training, followup plans, and other treatment solutions as recommended by physicians in the course of rehab. One of the things which Medicare coverage does not cover is methadone maintenance treatment plans in the case of opiate dependence, so seniors will be required to take part in a drug and alcohol treatment program covered through Medicare which treats opiate addiction through other means. Seniors with Medicare can consult with their primary care physician or their plan directly to distinguish what types of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are approved.