CO. - Residential Long-Term Treatment that is 30 days or longer

Residential long-term treatment in CO. is statistically the most optimal rehabilitation facility and strategy in terms of success rates when taking into account long-term abstinence once treatment is complete. Residential long-term treatment gives the individual in rehab a true oasis. In residential long-term treatment the individual can participate in rehab services in a positive and distraction free facility where there is very little that might cut across their sobriety or development while in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. The long-term element is essentially what will ensure the individual is assured and secure enough to be able to continue to remain off of drugs when they leave drug rehabilitation in CO., because 30 days is more often than not simply not enough time in drug rehab for critically addicted people. It can take several weeks to attain the confidence that one can remain drug free, with a comprehensive and intensive length of time spent in treatment in a residential facility.

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