Colorado - Residential Long-Term Treatment that is 30 days or longer

Residential long-term treatment is typically a drug treatment program which provides treatment services for more than 30 days. At a residential long-term drug rehab facility the individual will either detox before arriving at the program or be detoxed and go through withdrawal at the program itself. Alcohol and Drug rehab specialists will then work intensively with the treatment client to tackle debilitating addiction problems by means of counseling and various therapeutic techniques. This not only works to get clients in CO. off of drugs but will help them remain abstinent by handling the true reasons they became involved with drugs in the first place. Due to the fact this process may require weeks or months in treatment, a residential long-term rehab program which requires a stay of more than 30 days is one of the premier forms of drug and alcohol treatment available in Colorado and one which ensures the most significant long term results in terms of success rates.

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