Self Pay (Out of Pocket) - Colorado

While coming up with the money for drug and alcohol treatment in CO. can be a large barrier to overcome, self payment is sometimes the only option and the majority of drug rehab programs in Colorado understand this reality. The majority of drug and alcohol addicted people are not fortunate enough to have private health insurance, because many end up losing such insurance because of substance abuse. These potential treatment clients will most certainly be unable to acquire any kind of health coverage, and will be forced to self pay for their rehab. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in CO. will help individuals with payment logistics when self payment is the only possibility, so see what help can be offered to bring the cost of treatment down to a level which can be easily taken care of. Families will help make pay for rehab when self payment is the only choice, and families can consult with treatment centers in their area to find out what help if any may be available to help alcohol or drug addicted persons get started in treatment.