Seniors/Older Adult Services - CO.

Seniors and older adults in CO. are prone, and some are even predisposed, to drug addiction just like any other age group. Factually, seniors and older adult persons are already using prescription medications which are also commonly abused. When combined with street drugs and alcohol, seniors and older adults are at a higher risk of serious health consequences and even death. The social stigmas which are connected to addiction may keep many seniors and older adult persons away from the drug and alcohol rehab centers in CO. that will help resolve their problem. Due to this, there are drug rehab centers which cater to this age group of addict. These drug rehabilitation programs are aware of the issues which are exclusive to this age group, and how to address drug or alcohol addiction among these clients. Because seniors and older adults are already prone to sickness and accidents, it is important that they seek rehab before any sickness or accident results from their their addiction which may cause permanent if not fatal damage.