Colorado - Income Based Payment (Sliding Scale)

Each individual who wants drug rehab should be able to access this invaluable help so that they can turn their lives around. Unfortunately, a lot of alcohol and drug addicted persons in Colorado shy away from obtaining assistance due to the fact they think they simply cannot come up with the funds to pay for it. This is in fact very often the case, even though many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have instituted what is referred to as a sliding fee scale which may be used to help specific men and women get the help they need. Sliding fee scales are decided on an individual basis based on the client's circumstances like how much money they make, housing, the number of dependents they have etc. It is very common for people to fit into particular categories which could make them eligible for this type of payment assistance and it has helped quite a few clients in Colorado be able to pay for rehabilitation. Potential clients can check into whether or not they are eligible for a sliding fee scale by speaking to a rehab professional today.